The Retrofuturists

Smouldering cabaret trio The Retrofuturists are bringing their out-of-this-time and outrageously ridiculous late night show to the present. If you love a touch of terror or confusion along with your arousal, The Retrofuturists is the debauched live event youd travel millennia to see.

Having only old video tapes and popular culture to learn from, these time-travellers prepared to land in the 1980s by developing an extravagant performance that would appeal to the people of the time. The only problem is… they landed in the wrong year.

Described by Aussie Theatre as “a mix-tape mission that sits somewhere between Ziggy Stardust and the Rocky Horror Picture Show”, and by RipItUp as “a must see for cabaret fans”, the work features original live music and tackles contemporary queer and political issues head-on. From queer people and women in the military to a heart-wrenching, sexy ballad about meta-data retention, The Retrofuturists have some observations about 2016, and they’re not sure that they like it.

Seen at

Velvet Helmet: Anti-Valentine’s Party (New Globe Theatre 2015)

Velvet Helmet: Space Oddities (New Globe Theatre 2015)

Wonderland Festival (Brisbane Powerhouse 2015)

Adelaide Fringe Festival (Tuxedo Cat 2016)


James Halloran

Xanthe Jones

Regan Lynch

The Retrofuturists is assisted by the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts’ Fresh Ground artist development initiative, made possible through Arts Queensland.