Tell Them We’re Normal

Tell Them We’re Normal is a new work investigating the contemporary gay zeitgeist. The experience of being gay, and, in fact, what gayness actually is, has always been shaped by temporality and locality. Being gay in Ancient Rome, or Renaissance England, is not the same as being gay on the front lines in World War II, any more than it is being gay in 21st Century Australia.

Tell Them We’re Normal takes on the questions of ‘Where are we now? What does gayness mean?’. It gravitates around themes of post-liberation, the vanishing of a potent, underground subculture, assimilation, ghettoisation, and the perverse nostalgia for a culture many of us didn’t even experience. Are we post-Queer? Is Queer necessary, anymore?

A group of creatives discussed and developed these themes as part of Metro Arts’ Creative Development Program, 2014.


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Lead Artist: Regan Lynch


Tom Albert

Ethan Dean

Vincent Merouze

James Halloran