How to Summon the Devil

How to Summon the Devil is an immersive, interactive, environmental theatre experience.

It’s also a real-life, by-the-book Satanic ritual: these two things are one and the same.

Designed to take over dis-used, abandoned, and non-traditional urban spaces, the project creates a forbidden nook in an un-named fold of the city. Probing the intersections between the occult, the queer, constructions of atypical mental health, the embracing of taboo by disenfranchised communities, a modern occultist revival, and how audiences engage with elements of ritual and occultism, two young ritualists seek to create a secret, group, participatory theatre experience that prods at the boundaries between reality and fiction, ritual and the everyday.



Designer: Hahnie Goldfinch

Director: Regan Lynch

Writer: Tom Albert

Performers: Katy Cotter & Samuel Valentine

This work has featured as part of Metro Arts’ Creative Development Program.



Watch the trailer